Make a fist: it will reveal your hidden personality

Most people know that your body language says a lot about your personality.

Take the way you sleep, for example. But did you know that you can also discover a lot about your personality just by looking at how you make a fist?

All you have to do is make a fist and compare it with the pictures below.

Which one is most similar to yours?

1. Thumb inside your fist
What people think about you:

People love your enthusiasm, creativity and intelligence. Many people think you’re careful and that your life is calm and harmonious.

Your real self:

You try not to hurt anyone and you’re pretty quiet. You love to be with friends and you appreciate loyal and honest people.

Your love life:

You want your relationships to be relaxed. You’re sympathetic and stay in relationships just so you don’t hurt your partner. You avoid drama as much as possible.

2. Thumb beside your fingers
What people think about you:

You’re charismatic and talented and everyone appreciates your kindness. You have a healthy self-esteem and are attentive and flexible.

Your real self:

You often avoid things if think you might be hurt by others. You avoid risks and have high expectations. People love being around you and you appreciate their company.

Your love life:

You’re not the first to forgive and you’re haunted by memories from the past. You have trouble opening up and you’re afraid of being hurt.

3. Thumb over index finger
What people think about you:

You have an active imagination and like to consider the possibilities. You’re also generous and friendly. You’ve got a great sense of humor and there’s always a crowd of people around you. You can be impatient and stubborn sometimes.

Your real self:

You appreciate honesty and kindness and you’re a respectful and considerate person. Sometimes people take advantage of your kindness, but you quickly discover who your real friends are.

Your love life:

You’re reserved when it comes to love and the most important thing for you is to follow your dreams and find someone who really loves you.

I don’t know how this works or if there’s any research behind it, but it totally got me.

Did it get you, too?

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