16 Signs The Universe Is Out To Get You

Do you ever get the feeling the universe is out to get you? Like, no matter what you do, nothing good ever comes of it? You make a point of doing all the right things, you rack up a ton of good karma points, and then karma pulls its pants down and dumps on your head anyway. I don’t, but I know some of you do. And to those people, I say you’re not the only one. Here’s a list of others who suffer the wrath of bad karma just like you.

1. Don’t pull, it’ll only make things worse

2. He always wanted a beige interior

3. So close

4. Little does she know

5. That’ll wash off, right?

apes bro

6. I hope that wasn’t the last slice

8. This is my nightmare

9. No, I take that last one back. This is my nightmare

10. He’s not getting that back

11. This is when you know the world hates your guts

12. Adding insult to injury

13. When you paid first and last, but forgot to open the dishwasher door until the check cleared

14. Good luck getting that undone

15. Look how happy she is

16. How unfortunate

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