12 Archaeological Finds That Don’t Look Like They’re From Earth

Archaeology isn’t always the most interesting of subjects; not until there is some sort of jaw-dropping type of discovery, that is. The time they discovered the legendary lost civilization of the Monkey God, for instance. What we find of past civilizations, cultures and cities is astounding and eye-opening. It helps…

16 Signs The Universe Is Out To Get You

Do you ever get the feeling the universe is out to get you? Like, no matter what you do, nothing good ever comes of it? You make a point of doing all the right things, you rack up a ton of good karma points, and then karma pulls its pants…

Two Pitbull Dog vs Bull Fight

dog attack pitbull vs If this is really sad if a scheduled fight, there for all animals, even more sad is that the animal can away from each other, but how will people do this to avoid.        

16 Problems That Will Take More Than Duct Tape To Fix

Accidents happen in life, but they’re not all created equally. And hey, if you’re going to do something, do it big, right? I know that’s the way I usually do it — I can’t just spill a mug of coffee, it has to be the whole pot. If I’m going…

12 Animals Who Didn’t Forget To Thank Their Rescuers

We’ve all heard of animal rescue stories. They are stories that capture our hearts and tug on our emotions. For the most part, animals are pretty indifferent when they are rescued for whatever reason. Especially very wild animals. But every so often there are stories where animals thank their rescuers….